1) He had a Christmas number one single - with a completely silent song that only dogs could hear. This made global news.

 2) His work for Clorox has involved creating flooded disaster zones, floral explosions and a three-part romantic comedy between a woman and a dude dressed as her toilet brush.

3) Cannes: Finalist for Titanium/Integrated, Campaign Brief Ad of the Day, Admedia: Billboard of the year, Best Film, Actor & Actress Moonlight Shorts, AWARD: Silver for integrated campaign, RSVP: Shoestring Budget Gold, Craft Most Innovative Campaign Winner, Silver and Bronze for ‘Weeds’ billboard and campaign, Finalist FWA website awards, Finalist Best Hip Hop Video, Juice TV music awards, NZ Number One song

4) He worked as a cookie salesman in London. Friends were disappointed to find out he was actually European creative director on Oreo.

5) To launch Mad Men in New Zealand, he created a fake agency with all the regressive values and booze of the show’s 1960’s advertising agency.

6) His billboard for the show Psych accurately predicted that it would be vandalized by two of Auckland’s most prolific graffiti artists.

7)  He has written and directed over a dozen theatre shows from New Zealand through to Edinburgh. He directed a theatrical production called the Scentless Apprentice inspired by the novel Perfume, which used dozens of scents throughout.

8) He wrote for world’s first advertising campaign to use interactive FaceTime, hacking iOS with voice recognition and a robotic arm.

9)  He is one half of Dark Arts Coffee, a coffee roasters based in London with a roastery in Hayama, Japan.

10) He co-directed and developed an immersive zombie theatre experience in the East End of London, which ran for 200 shows, 10,000 rounds of ammunition, 90 liters of blood and 16,000 survivors.